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East of England 2014
Di Allan
Caryna Curetes                 4th OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   5th LD
jessica crighton tammas east of england 2014
Congratulations to Vicki-ann Tompkin's
Sivendra Abishai on his RCC.

Windsor 2014
Ann Birrell
Caryna Curetes                 2nd OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   unplaced LD
Congratulations to Annette & Brian Buckley's
Hisilome's Kareef on his RCC.

Blackpool 2014
Dianna Spavin
Caryna Curetes                 3rd OD
Congratulations to Ann & Paul Shimmin's
Noor (Hisilome's Keepsake for Cranstal)
on her RCC.
SGHC Open 2014
dogs - Jackie Reader
bitches - Trevor McCrory
Caryna Curetes                 4th OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   1st LD
Forest Maiden of Altaya    2nd PGB
Congratulations to Peggy Postma's
Glenoak Jada (Georgie) on Best Dog
Three Counties 2014
Huge Congratulations to Lisa and John's
Ch. Glenoak Kamala on BOB & Hound Group 1.
Wish we had been there to cheer her on.
Southern Counties 2014
Sade Hohteri (Finland)
Caryna Curetes          unplaced OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   1st LD
Congratulations to us on Tammas
winning his Stud Book Number,
to Liz Metcalfe on Tasia Zemar My Maria
winning the BCC and to Lorraine's Flyn
winning so many Stakes classes.
Birmingham National 2014
Pam Marston-Pollock
Caryna Curetes        2nd OD, Res CC
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya       5th LD

Northern Saluki Club Champ 2014
Helen Graham
Caryna Curetes          unplaced OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   2nd MLD
tammas 2nd mld nsc champ 2014
Congratulations to Coco's Auntie Callie for Bitch CC
and sister Maddie for Reserve Bitch CC
Hound Association of Scotland 2014
Joanne Mahon
Caryna Curetes                  4th OD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya    2nd LD
Stakes Judge Mr K Pursglove
Caryna Curetes     1st AV Hound GCD/B Stakes winning £50
coco 1st GCD Stakes HAS Dog World
Photo by Ruth Dalrymple for Our Dogs
dw robin bryden coco 1st HAS 2014
Photo by Robin Bryden for Dog World
Congratulations to Ch Glenoak Jabari JW ShCM
on winning BOB on his return to the showring
Crufts 2014
Elaine Stanmore
Caryna Curetes                  1st GCD, 4th OD
Congratulations to Dexter and Maddie on repeating
their 2013 top winning places at Crufts,
and to all the salukis there.
We had a lovely day and Tammas and Tuppence
enjoyed their time at Discover Dogs.
coco 2 by Steinni
60 cake

January 2014
Condolences to Affrika, Paul and Ann Shimmin and all the Cranstals on the tragic and much too early demise of their much loved young man
Ch Hisilome's I am Iceman med Cranstal
Ch Hisilome's I am Iceman med Cranstal

LKA Champ 2013
Zola Rawson
Caryna Curetes                  1st GCD
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   unplaced LD

SGHC Open 2013
dogs Liz McKnight
bitches Maggie Holder
Caryna Curetes                  4th LD,
Sivendra Tahmas Altaya   3rd PGD
Forest Maiden of Altaya    4th NB
John and 2p   unplaced Fancy Dress